• Chrome brick

    Chrome brick

    Advantages in Product: High-quality answering service and good product quality.

    Advantages in Supply: Reliable delivery process, automated refractory brick packaging production line

    Advantages in after-sales: Offer online support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

  • Chrome zircon corundum composite brick

    Chrome zircon corundum composite brick

    Chrome zircon corundum composite bricks are composed of heavy quality and lightweight parts. The working layer of chromium corundum composite bricks is combined with the insulation layer to improve construction efficiency.

  • Zircon Aggregate Bricks

    Zircon Aggregate Bricks

    Zircon Aggregate Bricks are made of zircon as the main raw material, adding binders and additives, and preparing them in proportion. After stirring, kneading, molding, and drying, they are fired at high temperature.

    MOQ: 5 tons

  • Refractory Bricks

    Refractory Bricks

    Refractory bricks (Refractory fire brick) are made of heat-resistant materials and are used to line furnaces, fireplaces, and chimney stacks.

    MOQ:5 tons

  • Ceramic Paper

    Ceramic Paper

    Ceramic paper is made mostly from high purity alumnio-silicate ceramic fiber and is produced using a fiber washing technique.

    MOQ: 50 rolls

  • Castable Insulation

    Castable Insulation

    Castable insulation refers to a type of refractory castable. Insulation castable is intended to have a low density and thermal conductivity in order to retain heat energy and reduce fossil energy consumption.

    MOQ: 5 tons

  • Mullite bricks

    Mullite bricks

    Mullite bricks are high-alumina refractories that primarily contain the crystal phase mullite (3Al2O32SiO2). The alumina content typically ranges from 70% to 80%. Bricks made of the refractory material mullite have a high refractoriness that can exceed 1790°C.

  • High Alumina Bricks

    High Alumina Bricks

    High alumina brick has more than 48% alumina oxide, used as high quality refractory materials. The more content of high alumina it has, the better resistance of refractory fire brick will have.

    MOQ: 5 tons

  • Ceramic Fiber Modules

    Ceramic Fiber Modules

    Ceramic fiber module is a ceramic fiber blanket produced by high -quality needles. It is folded or stacked by folding piano and pre -compressed to form a rectangular module.

  • Magnesia Carbon Bricks

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks

    Magnesia and graphite are dead-burned or fused to create Magnesia Carbon Brick, a resin-bonded brick. If necessary, antioxidant is also given. Thermal resistance, corrosion resistance, and spalling resistance are all strong points of magnesia carbon brick.

  • Silica Bricks

    Silica Bricks

    Silica Bricks is a kind of alumina silica refractory brick for sale in Topower Refractory, which have high strong acid slag resistance and can used  in glass kiln, coke oven or  hot blast stove. Please contact us right away if you want to buy Silica Bricks for your work.

  • Mullite Refractory Brick

    Mullite Refractory Brick

    • High alumina refractory materials with mullite
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • Good thermal shock resistance
    • High temperature properties
    • MOQ: 5 tons
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