• Bulletproof alumina insert plate

    Bulletproof alumina insert plate

          Bulletproof alumina insert plate is with high quality Alumina ceramic sheet inside and a durable black colored water proof nylon fabric  outside,which has excellent protection performance and it can reach nij4 protection grade.



  • refractory castable

    refractory castable

    Castable refractories are kind of granular and powdery materials made of refractory materials, and a certain amount of binder and moisture are added together. Castable refractories have high fluidity and is suitable for construction by casting method. It is an unshaped refractory that can be hardened without heating. The refractoriness is similar to that of refractory bricks of the same texture, the load softening point is slightly lower than that of refractory bricks, and the overall performance is better than refractory bricks. The castable has higher compressive strength at room temperature due to the effect of low temperature on the binder. Due to the good integrity of the masonry, the airtightness of the blast furnace is good, it is not easy to be deformed, and its resistance to machine vibration and impact is better than that of brick masonry.

  • Andalusite


    Andalusite is an aluminosilicate mineral, which is the raw material for making refractory materials and porcelain in spark plugs. It is a typical mineral of low-grade thermal metamorphism, and is commonly found in mudstones in contact with metamorphic zones. It is mainly formed under the conditions of high geothermal gradient and low pressure to temperature ratio.

    Andalusite is generally columnar crystal, and its cross section is almost square. Andalusite crystals gather together into radial or granular shapes. People often call the radial andalusites “chrysanthemum stones”, which means that they are like the petals of a chrysanthemum.

  • Soluble Fiber Paper

    Soluble Fiber Paper

    Soluble fiber paper is made of high-quality soluble fiber sprayed cotton, after crushing and beating, 6 times of slag removal process to become high-purity high-quality fiber, adding diluted binder to prepare pulp, fourdrinier pulp is vacuum-formed, after microwave After being evenly dried, roll and pack. Ceramic fiber paper is evenly distributed, high tensile strength, good flexibility, no layering, no slag, and can be cut at will.

    Soluble fiber paper is a biodegradable green environmental protection product, without any irritation or harm to the human body and the environment. It is a calcium-magnesium heat-insulating product produced by using the latest production technology and high-quality composite materials.

    *Excellent thermal shock resistance
    *Can be machined, cut and shaped easily
    *High flexibility
    *Low thermal conductivity
    *Good dielectric strength

  • Phlogolite mica plate

    Phlogolite mica plate

    Phlogolite mica plate is made of high-quality mica ore raw material to form mica paper, and then combined with high-performance adhesive and pressed by high temperature and high pressure. It has excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy and electrical insulation.

    Mica board is made of high-quality Muscovite paper, phlogopite paper or synthetic mica paper as the base material,
    high-temperature silicone resin as the adhesive, baked and pressed at high temperature.
    Hard mica board is specially developed and designed to meet the characteristic requirements of high temperature insulation and electrical insulation. It is mainly used in the following industries:
    1.Household appliances industry (including oven, toaster, hair dryer, electric kettle, electric iron, air heater, curler, electric
    wire heater, wallboard heater, etc.)
    2.Metallurgical Industry (electric frequency furnace, industrial frequency furnace, electric arc furnace, etc.)
    3.Chemical industry and medical equipment industry, as heating bracket, gasket, partition, etc

  • SK33 SK34 Fireclay Brick

    SK33 SK34 Fireclay Brick

    Fireclay bricks are alumina silicate bricks with the refractoriness of SK 32-34 and contain 35- 45% alumina.It made of fire clay, calcined chamotte,mullite etc.The bricks have low porosity,high strength, good resistance to thermal spalling and to abrasion and to creep.

  • Graphite brick

    Graphite brick

    Graphite brick is made of high quality graphite carbon material, which has excellent corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and good leakage resistance.

  • Lightweight Fireclay Brick

    Lightweight Fireclay Brick

    Lightweight  fireclay bricks are made of high-quality lightweight aggregates and contain a large number of micropores. High, low bulk density, small thermal conductivity, good energy saving and thermal insulation effect, high quality and low price.

  • Microporous board

    Microporous board

    The thermal conductivity of microporous board is lower than that of still air, and the thermal insulation performance is 3 to 4 times that of traditional materials. It is an ideal high temperature thermal insulation material. Because it contains a large number of nano-scale micropores, it has excellent thermal insulation effect.

    Vacuum insulation Panel (VIP board) is currently the best cold chain insulation material with low thermal conductivity and good insulation and energy saving effect.

    With the same insulation effect, the use of vacuum insulation panels (VIP panels) can make the product smaller, or make the incubator available space larger. in the same insulation space, the use of vacuum insulation panels (VIP panels) can make the incubator work It takes longer.
    In the cold chain insulation and energy saving application, the vacuum insulation board not only provides the space utilization rate of the product, but also has obvious thermal insulation effects and energy saving economic benefits.
    It is a high-quality and efficient cold chain insulation material.
  • Rockwool Blanket

    Rockwool Blanket

    Rock wool blanket has good thermal insulation performance, convenient construction and installation, significant energy-saving effect, and high cost performance; rock wool blanket is a kind of thermal insulation material with low thermal conductivity. It is suitable for large and medium-diameter pipelines; medium and small storage tanks and equipment with small curved surfaces or irregular surfaces, building air-conditioning pipe insulation and anti-dew, and sound absorption and insulation of walls.

    Rock wool blanket products use basalt as the raw material, which has good non-combustibility, and the melting point is above 1000. It is particularly effective in heat insulation and fire prevention, reducing or absorbing noise.

  • Crucible


    Crucible is an important part of chemical instrument, it is melting and refining metal liquid and solid liquid heating, reaction container, is to ensure the smooth chemical reaction basis.

  • Sillimanite-Kyanit


    The crystal of kyanite is an island silicate mineral of triclinic system. Kyanite and andalusite, abscissas into homogenous more like. The crystals are flat strips and sometimes radial aggregates. Blue, bluish white, cyan, hardness has obvious different sex.

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