• Sillimanite Brick

    Sillimanite Brick

    Sillimanite bricks are refractory bricks with good characteristics, which are prepared from sillimanite minerals by high temperature firing method or slurry casting method. Sillimanite is converted into mullite and free silica after high temperature calcination.

  • Ceramic Fibre Board

    Ceramic Fibre Board

    Ceramic fiber board is made of ceramic fiber cotton as raw material, adding a small amount of organic and inorganic binders and other additives, using fully automatic control, continuous production, and a streamlined production line with advanced technology.

  • Glass Fiber Cloth

    Glass Fiber Cloth

    Glass Fiber Cloth is mainly used in the production of various electrical insulating laminates, printed circuit boards, various vehicle bodies, storage tanks, boats, molds, etc. It has the functions of heat insulation, fire prevention and flame retardant. It absorbs a lot of heat when it is burned by the flame and can prevent the flame from passing through and isolate the air.

  • Zirconia brick

    Zirconia brick

    Zirconia brick is an insulating refractory product made of zirconia hollow spheres as the main raw material. The refractoriness is greater than 2400 ° C, the apparent porosity is 55% to 60%, and the bulk density is 2.5 to 3.0g /cm3, the compressive strength is not less than 4.9MPa, and the thermal conductivity is 0.23~0.35w/(m·K).

  • Soluble Fiber Blanket

    Soluble Fiber Blanket

    Soluble fiber blanket, compared with traditional inorganic fiber materials, the non-fibrous material content is significantly reduced, which can increase the fiber content by 20%, and the fiber distribution is more reasonable and uniform, ensuring that the product has a lower thermal conductivity.

  • Mullite Lip brick

    Mullite Lip brick

    The mullite lip brick is the final carrier of the liquid glass flow from the float glass melting furnace to the tin bath. The molten glass flow output from the melting furnace and flowing through the flow channel and in contact with the refractory material of the lip brick will flow into the tin bath along the mullite lip brick.


  • Zircon Nozzle

    Zircon Nozzle

    Zircon nozzle is made of high-temperature refractory materials, and can also be used to connect the process, which plays a great role in controlling the flow of molten steel. The zirconium sizing nozzle has good shock and heat resistance, very high stability, and has a certain anti-corrosion function. It can effectively ensure the stability of molten steel inflow and ensure the normal processing of the processing procedure.

  • Isostatically Pressed SnO2 Electrode

    Isostatically Pressed SnO2 Electrode

    Isostatically Pressed SnO2 Electrode is a kind of high-temperature conductive ceramic brick, which is an n-type semiconductor with a large resistance value at room temperature. When heated to a certain temperature, its conductivity increases exponentially, making it a good conductor.

  • Porous Plug and Seat Well Block

    Porous Plug and Seat Well Block

    Seat well block is made of corundum, chrome corundum and corundum spinel. It is the supporting product of separate and integral breathable brick, which has high thermal strength, good thermal stability, scour resistance and slag resistance. The breathable brick can effectively protect the breathable core brick, and it is the key supporting product to ensure the smooth implementation of bottom blowing argon function. Porous plug is a kind of new product with high life, energy saving and consumption reduction. The structure design is reasonable, and it has good thermal stability, anti-erosion, anti-erosion, and anti-permeability. It has the characteristics of high blowing rate, reliable operation and long service life.

  • Alumina bubble brick

    Alumina bubble brick

    Alumina bubble brick is one of the ultra-high temperature material energy-saving insulation materials. It uses alumina hollow spheres as the main raw material and combines with other binders to fire alumina hollow spheres in a high temperature furnace at 1750

  • Ceramic Fibre Paper

    Ceramic Fibre Paper

    Ceramic fiber paper is made of high purity aluminum silicate ceramic fiber by wet forming process. High-quality ceramic fiber is used to spray cotton, which becomes high-quality fiber with high purity through crushing, pulping and slag removal process, and diluted adhesive is added to make paper pulp. After vacuum forming of long net pulp, it is uniformly dried by microwave, then rolled and packed into boxes. It is often used in various fields such as chemical industry, construction industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, military industry, air conditioning and refrigeration.

  • High Alumina brick

    High Alumina brick

    High alumina brick is an alumina silicate refractory material, in which alumina content exceeds 55%, and it is calcined from high content alumina raw materials. It has high heat resistance and high temperature resistance at 1770°C and above. High alumina bricks have good slag resistance and are mainly used for masonry of steel-making electric furnaces, glass furnaces, cement rotary furnaces, etc.

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